Don’t Let Covid-19 Restrictions Stop You from Buying Your Dream Home

Believe it or not, your dream home is still available for you, even in a pandemic that shuts down half the country. Like all industries, the real estate world has had to adapt to government health policies to continue doing business while keeping everybody safe. While it has taken some getting used to, both for the sellers, agents, property conveyancers, and potential buyers, there is still an opportunity to have a positive property buying experience.

Buying a house in Australia can be a complex process in the best of circumstances. Throw in a global pandemic and state-wide lockdowns, and you’re looking at the perfect storm. You may have been intending to sell your property for a while now – perhaps you want to relocate closer to family or friends, move somewhere with better career opportunities, or you’re just lusting after a change of pace. Covid-19 and current lockdown restrictions may have halted your plans, but that doesn’t need to be the case.

Figure out the market

The Australian market has changed rapidly due to the global pandemic. Due to financial hardship, people have had to sell and have found the buyer pool unable to reach the asking price. There has also been shifting within the states. For example, the buying market in Brisbane and Gold Coast is incredibly oversaturated due to its relatively covid-free status and freedom for its occupants compared to other Australian states.

Take advantage of virtual tools

We’re lucky to be living in a world of advanced technology. As well as photos and floor plans, you can watch videos showcasing your ideal property and attend virtual inspections. You can have virtual appointments with your real estate agent by utilizing Zoom to ask any questions you have about the property or the logistics of buying it. You can have a virtual or curb-side appraisal of a property . You can even attend virtual house auctions and bid via your laptop or mobile phone.

Prepare to move fast

There’s no doubt about it. You’ll need to move fast to snatch up your dream house. It’s a seller’s market, and there are generally multiple buyers vying for the same place. Some views even bring pest or building inspectors with them to make an immediate offer! You want to make sure you have everything in order in terms of bank pre-approvals and the like before you start to view so you can move quickly when finding your dream home.

Consider what you can offer

How can you make an offer that sets you apart from other buyers? Can you stretch your budget to offer slightly above the asking price? Are you willing to make a non-conditional offer? Remember, there are cooling-off periods, although we still would recommend you get legal advice before making a non-conditional offer. Can you add another appealing clause to make your offer stand out? For example, settlement terms that favor the seller’s situation. Have a brainstorm on whether there’s anything that you can do to strengthen your offer.

Conduct your paperwork online

Most conveyancing companies, such as Jim’s Property Conveyancing Melbourne and Property Conveyancing Brisbane , have the software to process your contracts, signings, and settlements online. Jim’s Property Conveyancing offers services in Brisbane and Melbourne and are well-versed in conducting their business within Covid-19 restrictions. An experienced property conveyancer will be able to talk you through the entire process and answer any questions you have.

Stay positive

Perhaps the most important thing to help you buy a home is your positive attitude. Yes, it may be tricker right now than a year ago, but it may be even trickier in a couple of years. Trust your intuition, go to every property inspection with an open mind, and don’t compromise on what’s vital to you in a home. Your dream home is out there for you, and you’ll get it we are just a click away Conveyancing Melbourne and Conveyancing Brisbane.

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